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Señor Panda's Menagerie of Light

January 15th, 2007

10:10 pm - Cookie Debacling !

I'm dedicating this post to the pursuit of sugar-rush fueled science and all the kitch'n creatures out there who might want to try their hand at creatively making cookie dough unraw. Soooo.... as anopening and I discovered, there are some certain methods that are kinda.... less than good? Frying on a hot griddle seemed the most promising, but really just resulted in pancakey burny biscuit-like things that made funny noises on the tongue and tasted very UNcookie-ish. Microwaving made the kitchen smell like buttered popcorn and turned the dough into this crispy-sponge odd-thing that went over well with the roommate, but he eats anything with sugar in it (*rolleyes*). At least shaping it into a kangaroo and letting it melt on a hot stovetop made it all warm and gooey, with the added bonus of looking really adorable as it melted into lumpy oblivion... hehehe.......

Moral of the Tale : next time you invite someone over to bake, remember that your apartment is falling apart and things like the oven will spontaneously stop working, d'oh!

good times. ^_^
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